Cinema Testimonials
The World's First Global Film Festival

Richard Paradise
Executive Director, Martha's Vineyard Film Center
Vineyard Haven, MA, USA

"Our programming calendar would be far less memorable without our annual hosting of the MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival. These past 12 years of collaborating with Nick and the MANHATTAN SHORT staff has been absolutely brilliant. Their festival always brings our community closer to the world around us with showing of these international shorts. And allowing the audience to decide on the ultimate festival winner really makes for a festive event."

Loretta Miles
Salem Cinema
Salem, OR, USA

"Nick Mason's perfectly programmed shorts project is nothing short of spectacular and provides an avenue for filmmakers from around the world to connect with film lovers in hundreds of individual communities like mine. As early as June people begin to ask when tickets for The Manhattan Short Film Festival will be going on sale and I can always count on great attendance to this treasure trove of creativity! Year after year my patrons return, often bringing new comers with them, to what has become one of Salem's most anticipated events!"

Glenn Webb
Cinema Manager, The Boedecker Theater
Dairy Arts Center
Boulder, CO, USA

"From our first year, 5 years ago, we have been thrilled to show the MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival. It started out great, and each year gets better and better, from the quality of the collection of short films to the exemplary marketing support from the festival, this is one piece of programming that I can count on to sell tickets and satisfy audiences. It is evident that Nick cares deeply about every aspect, and that makes for an ideal partner to bring our theater into a global cinema event like no other."

Eirini Koukaki
London Business School Film Club
London, England

"On 26th September 2015, 200 film enthusiasts gathered to watch the 2nd edition of Manhattan Short Film Festival at London Business School. And once again the experience was memorable! The event was organized in collaboration with the Film Club of LBS which had the honor to host Jamie Donaghue, director of SHOK, Silver winner of the festival and 0scar nominee! The feedback we got from all attendees was extremely positive mainly due to the quality of the films and the opportunity for everyone to vote. We look forward to this year's event and many more short films!!"

Graham Burns
CFO, Old Ox Brewery
Ashland, VA, USA

"As a non-traditional movie venue, hosting MANHATTAN SHORT was a big win; not just for us, but for our customers as well. We were able to attract an audience that was not representative of our usual customer base, and they had access to the incredible films featured in the festival...remarkable films they would not have been able to see anywhere else within an hour's drive of the brewery. We look forward to hosting this gem far into the future."

Amber Rogers
Executive Director, Brown Grand Theatre
Concordia, KS, USA

"Hosting the MANHATTAN SHORT at the Brown Grand Theatre brings a piece of culture to our area that wouldn't be possible without the MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival. Something we always look forward to."

M. Hunter Hayes
Department of Literature and Languages
Texas A&M University-Commerce, Texas, USA

"The MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival has become an annual event that our students, staff, faculty and members of the local community enjoy and await. It is truly a global event, with an incredibly-wide group of people aligned in a common purpose, one that is a perfect match for our university's goals. We have film scholars and those who simply enjoy watching good films attend each year, and everyone seems to appreciate participating directly through the voting process. Once the cards have been collected, we've had many people stay around to talk about the films they had just seen-something I've not seen with any other films! Nick Mason created and established a beautiful vision for the MANHATTAN SHORT festival, and we are honored to be a part of this and to support the creativity of the filmmakers involved."

Eva Branter
Votiv Kino
Vienna, Austria

"Vienna's Votiv Kino has been a partner of Manhattan Short Film Festival from the very beginning. Throughout this period of time, our visitors and guests have been able to enjoy the possibility of being part of a worldwide community. Supported by embassies of the filmmakers' countries of origin, the international submissions reach a broad variety of new spectators each year, while there is also a growing number of regulars following and commenting on the festival's progress. We are very happy to be able to contribute to this institution, an integral part of Vienna's film festival landscape."

George Cisneros
Music and Media Director, URBAN-15
San Antonio, TX, USA

"In Fall 2003, my son, wife and I squeezed together in front of a Silver iMac to watch our first Manhattan Short Film Festival. Despite an evening of staggered images and glitches with our limited bandwidth, we were amazed at the range of great shorts that Nick had amassed. We got hooked. In each of the twelve years since that night, URBAN-15 has hosted the MSFF at our studio. The festival has generated a cult following within San Antonio's arts community that brings film lovers back year after year."

Paul McNulty
The Movies at Meadville
Meadville, PA, USA

"The Manhattan Short Film Festival has always been a much anticipated event at The Movies at Meadville. Our guests rave about this event and can't wait for it every year. The festival brings an assortment of wonderful films from all over the world. And in turn that brings in another kind of audience from our area. Many of the audience travel quite a distance to attend this festival every year. At the end of the festival the audience gets to vote and have a say in the awards. They love that factor as well and will ask us about the winners for weeks after the event. It is always exciting and informational after the festival to see and talk with our viewers in the lobby. Many opinions and such are discussed. They will stay and talk to each other discussing all of the shorts for hours. Nick Mason has made the Manhattan Short Film Festival into an extraordinary global event and has made it very easy for the theaters to participate. Usually you have to go to the bigger cities to see these kinds of films. With the POP, website, social media, film quality, film delivery and more it has all been ideal for a small local theater like The Movies at Meadville to bring this classy festival into the Meadville area."

Sean Morin
Program Director at Frontier
Brunswick, ME, USA

"We've been working with Nicholas for over 5 years. His attention to detail and to the curating process of this festival speaks volumes to its final product: that of a well-balanced, both culturally and thematically, grouping of short films. The MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival is a staple in our programming every year."

Howard Molton
Flat Rock Cinema
Flat Rock, NC, USA

"When Nick first called to tell me about the MANHATTAN SHORT film festival, I was intrigued by it and agreed to try it, but only for two days of the week because I wasn't sure how it would be received. We sold out nearly every show on those two days so we'll give it the entire week in the coming years. It was the perfect fit for our audience and they absolutely loved it! The festival was very well organized and their marketing efforts blended very well with ours. Looking forward to many more!"

Jason Langlois
The Manship Theatre
Baton Rouge, LA, USA

"We love hosting the MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival here in Baton Rouge, LA. We have grown our film program significantly over the past few years and Manhattan Short has been there for us from the beginning. Nick and his team have created a perfectly packaged event and help with every step of the promotion. It as if all we have to do is pick a date and they take care of the rest."

Tracy Stephenson
The Museum of Fine Arts
Houston, TX, USA

"The annual presentation of the MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival is one of the Museum's most anticipated programs. Houston audiences' appetite for short films has grown, and the MSFF allows them to experience the quality, variety, and inventiveness of international short films - and offers them a chance to participate in choosing a winner. The MSFF is consistently one of our most-attended events and continues to improve each year. It's been a pleasure to work with Nick Mason since 2005, whose structured professionalism always makes our job easier."

Adam Fox
Theater & Civic Arts Manager, The Normal Theatre
Normal, IL, USA

"The Manhattan Short Festival is a highly-anticipated annual tradition for our audiences. The line-up is expertly curated, and everyone is appreciative of seeing titles that they otherwise wouldn't be able to experience. The audience having the opportunity to vote for their favorites really sets this experience apart. We'll continue to include this festival in our programming for as long as they keep doing it."

Rochelle Walters
Owner, Movies of Delray & Movies at Lake Worth
Florida, USA

"MANHATTAN SHORT is nothing short of a hit every year in the three years we have held the event. My customers love voting and providing their own feedback regarding the films and are always asking if we will be showing them again the following year. The Manhattan Shorts are a wonderful and well organized event. I am a proud supporter and look forward to showing them again this year."

Christine Brown, Esq.
President and CEO, The Bijou Theatre

"One of the proudest evenings of programming that we offer our patrons every year is the Manhattan Short Film Festival. It is one of our most loved and most sought after events all year long. The quality of the short films that are included in this festival is incomparable. Then add to that how memorable each of the stories always is for the audience. I have seen them evoke emotions from our audience like no other film experience. It is truly an honor and privilege to be a host venue for this spectacular festival, not to mention working with the genuinely talented Nicholas Mason!"