MANHATTAN SHORT Screenplay Competition is for screenplays for Short Films only. The competition is NOT just for established screenwriters it's for everyone. We encourage everyone and anyone to have a go at writing a short story and entering this competition, you may discover you are a screenwriter at heart.

Everyone has a story...just keep 'em short

The focus of this competition is not only designed to discover and promote the best short screenplays out there, but to connect great short stories to great filmmakers

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The Screenplay Competition is best summed up by our Gold Medal Winner 2012 from Boise Idaho Mr Larry Fernsworth.

" This is my first attempt at a screenplay. After attending a viewing of MANHATTAN SHORT 2011, I was inspired to try my hand at it just for fun. Today, I am having one hell of a lot of fun. The story was spun from experiences as a San Jose CA police officer, a lucky day at the Wonderland dog track and my retirement life in Second Amendment friendly Idaho. As a fan of the film noire genre I devised a tale that starts with the protagonist in a dilemna tehn flashes back to an explanation how he got there and its' resolution.

May this wonderful opportunity for screenwriters and film makewrs continue to expand and prosper. Thank you MANHATTAN SHORT and thank you with so much love to my editor and daughter Kerri Feazell"

Larry Fersworth on accepting the Gold Medal Oct 2012.

All scripts entered should have a synopsis, character breakdown, page length and contact information listed at the MANHATTAN SHORT Contact a Screenwriter page. This page will be marketed through the MANHATTAN SHORT network.

The cost of enter competition is $40.

The deadline for submission is July 31st 2016

Please click on Rules and Regulations for more details.