Alexis Mikhalik

Run Time:
19 minutes


Synopsis: An airline ticketing agent rises to the occasion when faced with an extraordinary situation posed by a pair of passengers.

You wrote and directed this film, where did the idea come from?
A few years ago, I read an article, in a blog. It was a woman's story. It was a simple story: for a couple of hours, she struggled to get on a plane with her newborn baby. Yet the story moved me to tears, in only two pages. I immediately thought: this would make a great movie. And then: a great short movie. I found the author, asked her for permission, and began writing my own script.

The film leaves an audience questioning their own fears and insecurities when flying. Was this your intention?
I think we all relate to those fears, and therefore feel a very strong connection to Evelyne. But the story could happen in a post office, Ikea, a train station. The airport simply raises the level of stress. We are afraid of missing the plane, getting on the plane, insecurity... The character of Stephanie, the brave stewardess, appears to us as the comforting savior of the day.

Take us through the casting process. How did you find each actor?
I'm a theatre director, and had already worked with both actresses. It was their first movie, they were totally dedicated, and I loved that. As for the others, I had also worked with them before.

How do you feel about flying?
I like flying! And since we shot Grounded, I feel no stress at all. I love airports. They make you understand how casual a plane trip is. Every five minutes, a plane lands and a plane leaves.

What do you want people to take away from this film after watching it?
The film explores the importance of humanity and our own power in society. Stephanie, the stewardess, realizes through the film how strong she is. In a way, she discovers a taste for politics. Grounded won an award given by long-time prisoners, and we went to meet them. Their analysis of the film was fascinating. We talked about the necessity of bending the rules, sometimes, for the greater good or for a special matter. I simply hope people will be as moved as I was when I read the article!

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