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Driving Lessons

Directed by: Marziyeh Riahi

Country: Iran

Time: 12:48

Synopsis: Local laws say Bahareh's husband must accompany her to driving lessons so she and her instructor will not be alone, a task made more complicated when the two men don't get along.

Is this based on a true story?

Not completely, but there are similarities to this story in reality.

What challenges do you face making films in Iran?

I think the challenges of filmmaking are the same everywhere in the world. First of all, funding for film making, then lead a group with different tastes, protecting the film during the pre-production to post-production process. I believe filmmaking itself is a big challenge!

Take us through the editing process?

It was a long story! The film you see is very simple. An important part of this simplicity formed in the editing process.

Obviously, the roles of women in Iranian and Western society are different. What does this film say about that?

I think women in everywhere are divided into two groups, modern and traditional. In my film there is a representative of both groups. Bahareh (main character) represents traditional society and Kayvan's wife represents modern society. We are now in a world in which women are slowly and constantly learning to break their silence. As a female director, I wanted to have a part in breaking the silence.

What's the future of Iranian filmmaking look like?

Who knows what will happen in the future? Iranian cinema had a successful presence in the world in recent decades, especially Iranian short films. With the creative and energetic young people working in Iranian cinema, I can guess that the new generation will make a difference.