Kárpáti György Mór

Run Time:


Synopsis: Murder is committed in the forest. A young man becomes caught up in the events, and this experience has an increasingly unsettling effect on him.

Where did the idea for the story come from?

Eight years ago, I was in a forest near Budapest. I walked on a path and a very strange guy came out from the woods. The eyes on him were frightening. I believe he was a murderer who just left the crime scene.

What does this film say about the nature of good and evil?

These are very simple events. The audience can make their own opinion about the nature of good and evil.

Why did you shoot it in black and white?

We wanted to create an obscured world. Black and white is a good effect for that.

What films or directors influence the style of the film?

Hungarian short films and documentaries form the Balázs Béla Studio in the 1970s.

What advice do have for someone who is about to make their first short film?

Work out the mood of the story very well!

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